Diamond pendants styles

A diamond pendant is, without a doubt, a wardrobe staple.
The natural, inherent beauty of diamonds is a quality that won’t soon go out of style. A classic, timeless design can be a fantastic heirloom to pass down to future generations. Whether the diamond is combined with other gemstones or stands alone, whether it is set in yellow or white gold; diamond pendant makes a simple piece of jewelry that will suit every woman.
Choosing classic pieces with good quality gems will make a substantial addition to a jewelry collection that you can be proud in a decade. From dainty designs that can be layered with other pieces to pendants that take all the attention – there is a piece for every taste.

The styles are different, but the essential elements are the same: most pendants are consist of a single diamond set in a setting, hanging on a chain. Choose the chain carefully – it should be strong enough to hold the pendant, and on the other hand – it shouldn’t steal the center of attention.

Solitaire pendants

These diamond pendants are usually showcasing on stone, giving it the main spotlight of the design. The setting style depends on the diamond cut and its size, and the chain is selected accordingly.
Solitaire diamond pendants are an excellent choice for someone searching for a dainty and delicate addition to their collection and can be paired with many styles of earrings.

halo pendants

Looking for a piece that will attract more attention? Halo pendant may be the choice for you.
Halo pendants feature a single central gemstone, surrounded by smaller gems. The most popular cuts for that style are round, oval, cushion and princess cuts, usually with a ratio close to 1:1.
A popular design for a halo pendant is a gemstone surrounded by small diamonds. The brilliance of the diamonds accentuates the gem, giving it an elegant backdrop and making the central stone look more prominent.

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