The 4 c’s

Diamonds are forever, and for them to be valuable and become a family heirloom, you should choose carefully and thoughtfully. After all, you don’t by am engagement ring every day.

Diamond’s quality is affected by a combination of 4 specific characteristics:


There are few traditional shapes that diamonds are cut and shaped into. But no matter what shape of cut you choose, the quality of the cut is what matters. Its cut mostly determines the brilliance of the diamond: an expert will highlight and increase the natural sparkle of the diamond by creating perfectly aligned facets, that will catch the light and will reflect it in the most accurate way.

No matter what your diamond size or kind of cut you chose, your engagement ring deserves the brilliance and sparkle that only a well-cut diamond can provide.


Diamonds are a natural wonder. As such, all diamonds are bound to have blemishes or internal inclusions. Diamonds that have almost none of these are marked as FL, or flawless. The rest are ranging from IF (internal inclusion) to I, signalling the number of inclusions.


Diamonds are found in a spectrum of colors, ranging from colorless or white to pale yellow. The differences between the colors are very subtle and graded on a scale between D (completely colorless) and Z (light yellow). Diamonds in rare hues such as pink, yellow, blue, orange, brown, green and red (also known as “fancy color diamonds”) are graded out of that scale by their density and depth of color.


The size (or, more accurately, the weight) of a diamond, is defined by the measurement of a Carat (which is 200 milligrams). Diamonds are measured very accurately, up to the hundredth decimal place to ensure complete accuracy. An important note to take under consideration is that the weight is not always an indication for the diameter of the stone – the cut determines that.


After choosing the diamond that fits your taste and budget, it’s time to select the right setting. A well-experienced artisan will enhance the quality of the diamond with the right setting and will make your engagement ring gorgeous than ever.

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