The Caprice Story

Caprice was founded as a private company in 1969.
  • Today the company is owned by Mr. Eli Shiri, the Vice-President of the Ramat-Gan Diamond Exchange, a director of the Diamond Exchange and Chairman of the Industry Committee. Caprice is Israel’s leading company for designing, manufacturing and marketing gold jewelry with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, and it is considered as an Israeli and international brand known for quality, beauty and reliability in the field of gemstone jewelry.
  • Caprice is a member of the Ramat-Gan Diamond Exchange and this allows it to market its diamonds and jewelry (G.I.A certificates) directly to the end customer, with no middleman.
  • Caprice is also the first jewelry manufacturer in the world to have the prestigious ISO9002 standard certification.
  • Caprice provides G.I.A certificates (Gemological Institute of America), which is considered to be the most reliable gemologist certificate in the world, to all of the diamonds.
  • Caprice’s activities are aimed mainly at incoming tourism, but also at domestic tourism in Israel, and its jewelry is in demand and distributed both in the local market and in international markets.
  • Caprice operates in three main branches in Israel which are located in Tiberias, Jerusalem and the Diamond Exchange in Ramat-Gan. In addition, the company has representatives in Russia and China.
The Tiberias branch – the jewelry plant of the company is located at this branch in addition to a showroom, an audiovisual show and the diamond museum. The Jerusalem branch –a showroom and an audiovisual show. The Ramat-Gan branch – a showroom and an audiovisual show. In each and every one of our branches you can see for yourself the original and unique jewelry collections, and a variety of diamonds in various sizes, and enjoy the help of our professional gemologists and staff who speak various languages and who would love to assist you. In addition, there is a souvenir gallery with Judaica souvenirs and various items for Christians and Muslims. Since its inception, Caprice has carefully maintained the highest standards of quality, from purchasing the gold, diamonds and unprocessed gemstones, through the stages of design, processing and polishing, and up to the presentation of the pieces of jewelry for sale in the company’s branches. Since Caprice is both a regular member of the Diamond Exchange and also the owner of a jewelry production plant, it can give its customers a life-time warranty (in accordance with Caprice’s warranty policy) through the company’s representatives in the various Caprice branches in Israel and representatives in Russia and China. Caprice has a variety of diamonds in all sizes and varied qualities – we will be happy to provide jewelry and diamonds to any destination around the world!
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