Fancy colored diamonds

Traditionally, diamonds have a color that varies between bright, brilliant white and pale yellow. However, one in every 10,000 diamonds can be classified as a fancy colour diamond.
The process that creates diamonds in the depths of the Earth is complex and rare conditions can create these Exceptional diamond color scale.During the birth of a diamond, the structure of carbon atoms that form a diamond can be changed a little bit and create a different microscopic structure. Exposure to heat, natural radiation or the saturation of natural elements results in beautiful tones and low saturation of colour.

Yellow diamonds are created when nitrogen is involved in the process. Yellow diamonds color scale can start from pale, lemony yellow to deep canary tone.

Chocolate diamonds (or brown diamonds) are ranging from light cinnamon-like color to deep, cognac color. The reason for that unique color is the heat and pressure below ground that is applied to the diamond.

Diamond color scale is very uniqe

Diamond color scale is very uniqe. Some of the rarest color of fancy diamonds is pink. The feminine and romantic color is hardly found in nature, and most of the pink diamonds are mined in Brazil and Western Australia.

The presence of boron in the lattice of the carbon creating a diamond allows electricity to pass through the diamond, giving it a beautiful blue color — the more boron in a diamond’s structure, the more intense the shade. Blue diamonds color scale can start from pale, aqua shade, to deep, rich royal blue tone.

One of the most coveted colors of a diamond is grey. Like the blue diamonds, the presence of boron in the process of creation, giving a grey, rare color to the diamond. These beautiful stones often have a hint of blue in them, providing a more vibrant shade of grey.

Orange diamonds, along with the grey ones, are the most requested colors. Similar to the yellow diamonds, exposure to nitrogen in the time the diamond was created in the depths gives it an intense and unique color. The scale of orange is ranging from deep embar to citrus shades, and the unusual color gives a vivid look to every piece.

When natural radiation is absorbed in a diamond over millions of years, it results with a distinctive hue of green. This process is particular and rare – and that is the reason that these diamonds are so highly prized.

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